FAMM attorney contract position

September 11, 2017

FAMM is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that advocates for fair and individualized sentencing and prison policies that are just and cost-effective, protect public safety, and strengthen families.

FAMM is seeking lawyers to support our work on a report about state compassionate release laws, regulations, and practices.  Many states have programs that permit early release from prison for prisoners who are severely disabled, ill, and/or near death.  We are conducting a fifty-state (and the District of Columbia) survey outlining the laws and rules governing compassionate release.  See the announcement here.

This is a job well suited to a recent law school graduate, or a more experienced attorney seeking a temporary position.

You should be a law school graduate, have excellent legislative and regulatory research skills, and be a clear writer (including the ability to write for a lay audience) and communicator.

The position is open until filled.

This is a temporary contract position.  The consultant can work from our office in Washington, D.C., but need not do so. Compensation will depend on experience.

Candidates should apply by sending a letter of interest to Jobs@famm.org addressing this position, and include a resume and short writing sample.


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