Equal Justice Works Fellowship – newly announced

August 28, 2015

Poverty & Race Research Action Council

1200 18th St. NW Suite 200 Washington, DC 20036 202/906-8023 Fax 202/842-2885


Equal Justice Works Fellowship

The Poverty & Race Research Action Council is seeking to partner with and host a rising third year law student or recent law school graduate who is committed to civil rights and interested in applying for an Equal Justice Works Fellowship. This position would be an excellent fit for someone who is interested in engaging in detailed federal regulatory analysis, marshalling of social science research, and policy advocacy on housing and education programs affecting low income families.

The Poverty & Race Research Action Council (PRRAC) is a non-profit civil rights law and policy organization based in Washington, D.C. Founded in 1989 by major national civil rights and poverty law organizations, PRRAC’s primary mission is to help connect advocates with social scientists working on race and poverty issues, and to develop innovative approaches to structural inequality issues.

At the present time, PRRAC’s work is focused in the areas of housing, education, and health, with a particular emphasis on the continuing consequences of historical patterns of housing segregation and development. Our housing work includes research and advocacy on the racial impacts of federal housing policy, and development of effective desegregation strategies (see www.prrac.org/projects/civilrightshousing.php). Our education work focuses on the racial impacts of federal education policy, with particular attention to the impact of poverty concentration and racial isolation on school outcomes for low income children. Much of our education work is addressed in collaboration with the “National Coalition on School Diversity” (www.school-diversity.org). Our health related work seeks to develop new federal policy proposals to address social and environmental determinants of health (with an emphasis on environmental justice issues).

In addition to national-level law and policy research and advocacy, we are engaged in local technical assistance work in Baltimore, Hartford, and Philadelphia, and we anticipate other regionally-based work in support of HUD’s new Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Rule and an expanded federal and state commitment to housing and school integration efforts.


The ideal candidate for the Equal Justice Works Fellowship position would have excellent research and writing skills, a strong interest in federal policy work, and a demonstrated commitment to civil rights and poverty alleviation. Prior work with low income communities of color, and some background in housing law and policy, poverty law, or education law is preferred.

Language(s): English

Application Instructions:

The position would be primarily supervised by PRRAC’s Executive Director, Philip Tegeler (ptegeler@prrac.org). Mr. Tegeler is an experienced civil rights lawyer and a former clinical law teacher (the associate would also be working with other lawyers on the PRRAC staff). To those interested, please send a resume and brief personal statement to ptegeler@prrac.org.

Contact Information:

Philip Tegeler


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