News from Washington Council of Lawyers – East of the River Initiative

March 10, 2015

Nearly one in five DC residents lives in poverty. Poverty is especially concentrated in certain neighborhoods east of the Anacostia River.

We know that many lawyers and law students are working hard to reach out to these neighborhoods, and that there are many inspiring stories of cases won, challenges overcome, and lives changed.

Our new initiative, East of the River Profiles, seeks to focus attention on these issues and stories, and to recognize the work done by lawyers and law students serving those communities. From firsthand accounts to helpful data, we’ll inform interested lawyers about the struggles faced by those living east of the river, and identify ways for lawyers to improve the lives of people living in our own back yards.

You can find East of the River Profiles here.

We hope to inspire more attorneys to venture across the river to help those with legal issues affecting their home, their job, their benefits, or their family.

We are also interested in collecting more stories to keep our accounts up to date. If you have an idea for an attorney or program we should feature, or are interested in writing for this new blog, please email me.

Thanks, and happy reading!


Caroline Fleming (@dissident1L)

East of the River Profiles Editor

Washington Council of Lawyers

PS: Join us in celebrating the launch of East of the River Profiles at our happy hour on Wednesday, March 18, at 6:30 pm at Teaism. RSVP here!


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