Job Opening: Ass’t Dir. Public Interest – Washington College of Law, American University

July 7, 2014

The Assistant Director, Public Interest will be responsible for developing new programs, bringing coherence to WCL’s vision and managing the many on-going public interest/pro bono projects sponsored by WCL. This position will be an advocate for public interest law and will be responsible for maintaining an institutionalized, formal Pro Bono Honors Pledge Program that promotes specific work opportunities and offers students guidance in selecting pro bono projects. The individual will have oversight responsibilities for the Public Interest Public Service (PIPS) Scholarship Program and will work with each class of PIPS scholars to focus on various public service commitments while in law school. This position also assists students and graduates in their search for funding to subsidize public interest pursuits and provides administrative oversight for several law school fellowship programs. This position maintains strong ties with the public interest alumni of the law school and manages the Public Interest Alumni Advisory Board. The Assistant Director will work with the Office of Financial Aid on the administration of the annual Public Interest Loan Repayment Assistance Program (PILRAP) and will develop substantial knowledge in the area of education debt management.

Educational Requirements:
A J.D. degree

Minimum Requirements:
3-5 years of legal practice, academic or related experience preferred.
A demonstrated interest in public interest law required.
Experience in program development preferred.
Excellent oral and written skills required as well as computer skills.
Highly developed interpersonal skills, organizational skills, initiative, flexibility, adaptability, and ability to work well in groups are essential.
The ability to exercise independent judgment in daily operations is essential.

Please login at if you would like to apply for this position. Make note of the Job Title to reference once logged in.


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