ABA Section on Individual Rights – Staff Attorney/Chief Counsel Position Announcement

February 27, 2014

Staff Attorney/Chief Counsel 
ABA Section of Individual Rights & Responsibilities 
Hiring range: $68,900- $76,940 

A Chief Counsel is needed to conduct research and inform the public and decision-makers on the operation of capital jurisdictions’ death penalty laws and processes in order to promote fairness and accuracy in death penalty systems, both in the United States and abroad. The Due Process Project raises awareness of the flaws in the death penalty and through advocacy efforts, works to create a climate where law and policy reform are possible. The Project encourages legislatures, courts, administrative bodies, and state and local bar associations to adopt the ABA’s Protocols on the Fair Administration of the Death Penalty; provides technical assistance to state, federal, and foreign stakeholders on death penalty issues; and collaborates with other individuals and organizations to develop new initiatives to support reform of death penalty processes (including adoption of the ABA’s 1997 resolution promoting a suspension of executions). The Chief Counsel will also be responsible for development and implementation of new initiatives to support death penalty reform and moratorium efforts. 

Doctoral Degree (JD, PhD) 

JD and admission to the bar in at least one jurisdiction. At least 4 years working in relevant specialized area of law. High level of skills at legal writing and research, oral and written communications, and organizational skill. Substantial experience in policy analysis.

For more information and to apply go to: 



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