2014-16 NALP Street Law Legal Diversity Pipeline Project Fellowship — deadline 3/15/14

February 7, 2014

This two-year fellowship provides a wonderful opportunity for a public interest-minded law graduate who also has an interest in education and diversity in the legal profession. The NALP/Street Law Legal Diversity Pipeline Program, a joint initiative undertaken by both organizations in 2008, is designed to provide information about the law and the legal profession to high school students and encourage them to pursue legal careers. In particular, the program targets students from minority groups that are underrepresented in the practice of law.

Law firms that participate in the program are matched with local high schools where volunteer lawyers teach substantive law classes in the high school setting as well as host programs for participating high school students at the law firm. Additionally, law firm and high school partners are encouraged to work with a law school and to facilitate additional enhancement activities for the most interested students. The Fellow will administer this program and support its growth. The fellow will have responsibility for providing training, curriculum development assistance, and planning support to participating law firms, law schools, and high schools. (To learn more about the program and current participants, view http://www.nalp.org/streetlaw.)

NALP and Street Law have tailored the Legal Diversity Pipeline Program to match with research suggesting that several factors play a role in encouraging young people to follow career paths: education about that specific path, career role models, social support and persuasion, and a chance to experience career-related tasks. The Fellow will play a role in all of these program dimensions, both in their implementation and in assessing effectiveness.

The Fellow will report directly to NALP’s Director of Public Service Initiatives and Fellowships, and will be employed by NALP, but will work closely with Street Law, Inc.

Performance Expectations — Content and Responsibilities of the Position:

With guidance from senior staff at both NALP and Street Law, Inc., the Fellow takes primary responsibility for the day-to-day management of the pipeline program:

  • develops original lesson plans and teaching materials, as well as supports law firm personnel in developing their own original material
  • supports participating law firms, high schools, and law schools in their implementation and growth of their local programs;
  • trains participating lawyers and legal career professionals on an annual basis;
  • coordinates all communications among NALP, Street Law, participating law firms, law schools, and high schools
  • maintains online resources for participating law firms, law schools and high schools;
  • works with senior staff at NALP and Street Law to recruit additional law firm participants;
  • provides routine customer service and support to participating law firms, law schools, and high schools;
  • designs and implements, with the help of Street Law, a program evaluation to help NALP and Street Law better understand the program’s impact on students;
  • delivers presentations to lawyers, law school administrators, high school teachers, law students, and high school students, as required;
  • delivers presentations to a variety of audiences at NALP educational programming events and in other settings;
  • supports NALP’s diversity efforts through work with section members, including communicating with the group using social media platforms (NALPComments! Blog and Twitter), attending diversity events, and participating in diversity section projects and initiatives;
  • assists NALP and Street Law with near, mid, and long term strategic planning for this pipeline program; and
  • takes on other duties as assigned.

The fellow will be housed in NALP’s Washington, DC office. Travel is required. Approximately 25% of the Fellow’s time per year is travel.


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