D.C. Employment Justice Center seeks full-time (summer) law clerk (unpaid)

January 8, 2014

EJC seeks a full-time law clerk (and possibly a second) to work with us for ten weeks over the summer.

The D.C. Employment Justice Center (EJC) protects and promotes the legal rights of low-wage workers in the D.C. metro area. To ensure that all workers receive fair treatment in the workplace, the EJC uses experienced employment law attorneys and policy advocates to provide high-quality, free legal advice and assistance to low-wage workers and to push for changes in workplace fairness laws. With our combined focus on legal services, advocacy and education, there is no stronger voice for the legal rights of low-wage workers in the D.C. metro area.
The law clerk will participate in the EJC’s weekly Workers’ Rights Clinics, in which s/he will interview workers regarding their individual workplace legal problems; discuss these issues with experienced employment lawyers; convey legal advice to the client from the attorneys; and, under the supervision of the attorneys, assist clients in drafting letters and/or any other legal documents necessary for them to pursue their claims. The law clerk will also support the EJC attorneys in any ongoing litigation in which they are engaged; interview clients; conduct legal research; and prepare legal memoranda on novel issues of law.
Fluency in Spanish is strongly preferred.

The law clerk will be supervised by one or more of the EJC attorneys and will receive one week of formal orientation and training.

EJC Clerkships are unpaid; however, EJC will assist law clerks in seeking funding from any sources available.
Interested students may apply by sending a cover letter and resume to Laura Brown, Workers’ Rights Clinic Director, at lbrown@dcejc.org. The positions are open until filled. (PLEASE SUBMIT APPLICATION MATERIALS BY EMAIL)


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