DC Board of Education Attorney Advisor Position Announcement

September 16, 2013

The DC State Board of Education (State Board) was established on June 12, 2007 and consists of nine (9) elected members and is responsible for advising the State Superintendent of Education on educational matters, including state standards; state policies, including those governing special, academic, vocational, charter and other schools; state objectives; and state regulations proposed by the Mayor or the State Superintendent of Education. The State Board has approval responsibility of many important educational issues as well. Excitingly, the State Board is seeking to expand its capacity to deliver policy recommendations for the entire District of Columbia and will soon be re-establishing the Office of the Ombudsman for Public Education.

If you are you interested in education law and want to help improve the educational outcomes of children, then you may be the ideal person to join the DC State Board of Education’s team.

We are in search of an extremely organized and passionate Attorney Advisor. In brief, the Attorney Advisor:

*       Provides expert legal advice and conducts extensive reviews of various legal documents; and   provides statements of reasons, drafts letters, memoranda, and recommendations.

*       Consults management and supervisors on legalities that affects their organization’s mission and provides clarification of policies, statutes and legislation.

*       Reviews and evaluates existing statutes and regulations to determine the need for new regulations or amendments or new administrative and enforcement procedures; and recommends changes and drafts new legislation and amendments of the same as needed.

*       Reviews cases and documents to ensure support of legal position.  Represents the agency in hearings, and prepares necessary documentation to support cases.  Assists the Office and/or the Office of the Attorney General with litigation.

*       Confers with, and incorporates the concerns of District Government officials, members of administrative bodies, and officials outside the District Government regarding actions taken against the District of Columbia.  Keeps abreast of changes in laws and regulations related to the function of programs and recommends appropriate courses of action.

While not required, the State Board is seeks for individuals with knowledge of special education law and has experience with mediation procedures.

Salary Range: $80,775-$105,021

Deadline: September 20, 2013 

To Apply: Visit <http://bit.ly/dcsboeattorney>, register for a user account and submit an application. Applicants will be asked to submit four (4) ranking factors.

You can also find this position by visiting <http://dchr.dc.gov/page/careers>, clicking “Search Current Job <Openingshttp://dchr.dc.gov/node/204752>,” and looking for position number 23202 with the DC State Board of Education.


Contact information:


Jesse B Rauch

Executive Director

D.C. State Board of Education

441 4th Street NW, Suite 723N

Washington, DC 20001

o: 202-741-0888

d: 202-741-0884

f: 202-741-0879




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