Pro Bono Opportunities at CUA Law

February 21, 2013

Quick Pro Bono Update Below from Jen Tschirch, Pro Bono Coordinator (CUA Law) 

1.      Pro Bono Projects – Check the Pro Bono at CUA Law TWEN page or email me if you’ve found a project on your own for approval.  Here is a sampling of current projects: 

a.      Naturalization Workshop this Saturday in Alexandria!&appflag=88.2 

b.     Hypothermia Outreach ongoing through March 31

c.      Intake at the OAH Resource Center on a Tuesday, Wednesday &/or over spring break

2.      Sandy Relief Efforts

While CUA Law is not organizing a formal spring break trip to NY or NJ, I would be happy to help explore possible avenues for involvement for those interested.  Here is a link to a Google doc listing organizations that are involved in post-Sandy work (legal as well as grassroots or community group efforts that may involve physical work) – The “Additional Notes” column includes any information available re: which groups may be seeking student assistance for spring break. And again, you’re welcome to contact me to explore potential projects.

3.      Report your pro bono hours!

Remember to submit your pro bono hours asyou complete projects.  A timesheet is available on the lefthand side of the Pro Bono at CUA Law TWEN page.  More information about the benefits ofparticipating and what counts as pro bono is available here:

 What counts:

1.   Law-related activities;

2.   Supervised and/or approved by an attorney;

3.   No academic credit or financial compensation received for the work;

4.   On behalf of:

a. person(s) of limited financial means; or

b. person(s) with limited access to legal representation; or

c. nonprofit, civic, community or religious organizations; or

d. or governmental agencies, including prosecutor’s and public defender’s offices.

5.  Approved by the Pro Bono Coordinator.  Pre-approved pro bono opportunities are posted on the Pro Bono at CUA Law TWEN page. Students are also encouraged to seek out their own pro bono projects but must secure approval from the Pro Bono Coordinator for the work to count toward their Challenge hours. A student may submit hours for a project after it has been completed, but eligibility for pro bono program inclusion cannot be guaranteed without pre-approval. 

qualifying work may include:

•        Externships for which you did not receive credit.

•        Hours performed on an externship beyond those for which you received credit.

•        Work over the summer for which you did not receive credit or compensation.

•        Work during the academic year that otherwise qualifies.    

And does not include:

•        Community service, meaning non-legal volunteer work like helping rehab a Habitat for Humanity house or assisting with animal care at a shelter.  

•        Hours performed for which you received SPILstipend funds.

•        Time spent fundraising for a student group. 

Best regards,


Jennifer Tschirch
Pro Bono Coordinator

Office of Career and Professional Development

The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law

3600 John McCormack Rd., NE Room 163

Washington, DC 20064



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