American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) DC Summer 2013 Intern Match Program

January 8, 2013

The DC Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s Intern Match Program is seeking students with a career interest in immigration law to be matched with suitable employers for Summer 2013.  Please send a generic cover letter and resume geared toward immigration practice to D.C. Drake at  Please indicate: (1) any experience and coursework in immigration law; (2) language abilities, if any; (3) whether you have any preference regarding the type of work (removal defense, business, appellate, etc.); and (4) when you will be available for an internship.  All internships will be in the DC-Baltimore metro area.  We anticipate the internships to generally be unpaid but whether the internships are paid or will garner class credit is up to the employer, student, and law school to negotiate as applicable.  AILA DC will send applications to suitable potential employers for follow up with applicants.  Please reply by February 8, 2013 if interested in summer positions.

 Please send all inquiries to D.C. Drake at


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