Spring Criminal Defense Internship Opportunity

December 19, 2012

A 1993 graduate of CUA Law, currently working as a sole practitioner.  My practice consists primarily of criminal defense work in D.C. Superior and U.S. District Courts.  I have a multi-defendant murder conspiracy case scheduled for trial on February 6th in D.C. Superior Court.  I anticipate that the trial will extend into May.  I would like to find one or more interns for the upcoming semester who would be interested in working on the case with me.  The student does not need to know anything about criminal law in particular.  I would, however, like to find someone who is interested and passionate about criminal defense work.

The interns’ duties may include any of the following: reviewing and organizing documents and evidence; listening to recorded phone conversations; summarizing transcripts; assisting with witnesses; visiting the client at the D.C. jail; researching issues for motions and possibly writing motions and preparing direct or cross-examination, depending on ability. 

 Although I anticipate that the intern(s) would be able to attend portions of the trial, I do need someone who is willing to work independently at the office while I am at the courthouse.   Please let any potential intern know that because I will likely be in trial for most of the semester, the intern may frequently be working alone or with the investigator.   If the person is willing to do that, I think this would be an excellent opportunity for the student to see first-hand what it is like to practice criminal defense work. Contact:

Andrea Antonelli, Esq., 806 7th Street, NW  Suite 301, Washington, DC  20001

Telephone: 202-255-3654; Facsimile:  202-898-1112


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