Fall or spring externship opportunity

July 31, 2012

The Sexual Assault Legal Institute (SALI) is seeking fall and spring interns for the upcoming academic year. SALI is one of the only programs in the country devoted solely to providing direct legal services to victims of sexual assault. The Institute is a state wide program that provides legal services in civil cases for victims of sexual assault in cases such as: college administration hearings, privacy issues, peace and protective orders, family law matters, employment, housing, and any other civil issue related to sexual assault. SALI also provides technical assistance and training for attorneys, rape recovery center staff, and other professionals working with survivors. The Institute is part of the Maryland Coalition against Sexual Assault (MCASA). MCASA is a non-profit membership organization that includes the state?s nineteen rape recovery crisis centers, law enforcement, mental health and health care providers, attorneys, educators, survivors of sexual violence and other concerned individuals.


Legal interns in the office provide information to victims of sexual assault and help attorneys who are working on college administration hearings, privacy issues, peace and protective orders, family law matters, employment, housing, and any other civil matter relating to sexual assault.

Interns are expected to commit to work a minimum of fifteen hours per week for at least one academic semester. Specific duties vary according with caseload, but generally include telephone and in-person intakes and referrals (with direct client contact), and some legal research. Interns are given the opportunity to accompany attorneys to court when possible. Other intern responsibilities may include: assisting attorneys in preparing cases for trial and/ or witness interviews; helping victims to create their own safety plans; and other administrative duties as assigned.


Applicants must have a demonstrated interest in women?s issues, the American legal system, or working in the non-profit sector. Some academic background in on or more of these areas is preferred. Applicants must have common sense, and the ability to work independently. Please email a resume and cover letter detailing your interest, work experience, and availability to Ellen Opdyke at saliresume@mcasa.org.

More about the internship can be found at <http://www.mcasa.org/about-mcasa/jobs-internships/>; click on Legal Intern – SALI.____________________


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