DC Bar Foundation summer internship

April 27, 2012

The DC Bar Foundation is  looking for a summer intern.

The mission of the DC Bar Foundation is to fund, support, and improve legal representation of the poor, vulnerable, and otherwise disadvantaged in the District of Columbia. As such, we are involved with a cross section of stakeholders in the delivery of legal services to the poor — nonprofit legal aid organizations, law firms, various bar associations, government officials, the courts, and others.
I, along with our Director of Development, have identified a number of projects that would be appropriate for a summer internship. They include:

Research of loan repayment assistance programs (LRAP) at law schools and other institutions in order to evaluate the Bar Foundation’s LRAP and consider changes to the program

Develop materials for the DC Bar Foundation LRAP to implement any changes to the program

Research other grantmakers and develop FAQs for DC Bar Foundation publicly-funded grants program

Research law firm demographics and philanthropy to inform the Bar Foundation’s fundraising strategy

Assist with advance planning of the Bar Foundation’s annual theater event at Arena Stage

Assist with social media efforts
As part of the internship experience, we would plan opportunities for the intern to meet with our stakeholders to develop an understanding of the various perspectives of the legal profession.

For more information or to apply send an email to  washington@dcbarfoundation.org.
Imoni M. Washington
Director of Programs


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