Fellowship at Public Interest in DC or CA

October 5, 2011

Public Justice, a national public interest law firm that combines the skills and resources of the private bar with the goals and knowledge of the public interest community, seeks to hire a recent law school graduate to serve as its Brayton-Thornton Attorney for two years in either its Washington, D.C. headquarters or its Oakland, California office.  The Fellow will help develop, coordinate the
handling of, and litigate Public Justice’s cases.  The position will be open beginning in November 2011.

Public Justice is involved in a broader range of high-impact, cutting-edge litigation than any public interest firm in the nation.  Our lawsuits fight for
consumers’ and victims’ rights, the environment, civil rights and civil
liberties, public health and safety, workers’ rights, government and corporate
accountability, and the protection of the poor and powerless.  Our Access to Justice Campaign works to keep the courthouse doors open for all – by battling federal preemption, unnecessary court secrecy, class action bans and abuses, unfair mandatory arbitration, and other efforts to deprive people of their day in court.

The Brayton-Thornton Attorney will help expand and enhance Public Justice’s docket by networking with other public interest groups and working collaboratively with Public Justice’s staff attorneys and the over 3,000 outstanding trial lawyers who support Public Justice’s work.  He or she may also help to develop
educational materials designed to further advance Public Justice’s activities
and projects.  The Fellow will be sponsored by two nationally-prominent plaintiffs’ lawyers: Alan R. Brayton of Novato, California’s Brayton Purcell LLP, and Michael P. Thornton of Boston, Massachusetts’ Thornton & Naumes, LLP.

Superb analytical, research, writing, and speaking skills;
At least two years of litigation-related experience preferred;
Self-motivation and optimistic, can-do personality;
Creativity and strong organizational skills;
Good sense of humor and ability to get along with others; Healthy sense of outrage and desire to change the world for the better.

Preference given to individuals with demonstrated commitment to the public interest and relevant experience.
Salary is $50,000 per year.
Excellent benefits.

Send cover letter, resume, writing sample, transcript, and references to:
Brayton-Thornton Fellowship Opening, Public Justice, 555 12th Street,
Suite 1620, Oakland CA 94607 or ni@publicjustice.<netmailto:vni@publicjustice.net>.  Electronic submissions preferred.  No calls please.  For more information, visit our website at


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