Notre Dame Law School Seeks Faculty

August 31, 2011

NOTRE DAME LAW SCHOOL may have a permanent or visiting clinical faculty position beginning in the 2012-2013 academic year.  The current clinical faculty includes four full time faculty members each of whom works in a distinct civil practice area.  The Clinic’s current practice areas include community development, consumer protection, housing, mental health and disability.  Candidates are welcome to propose another practice area.  Responsibilities will include training and supervising students as well as teaching the Clinic’s integrated ethics and skills classroom components.  The Law School’s clinical programs are integral parts of the university’s mission and learning environment.  Through their work and teaching, students and faculty in the clinic integrate law practice and careful, sensitive engagement with moral and ethical questions.  Applicants with significant experience in civil litigation and prior clinical experience are preferred.  Applicants must have a JD and be qualified for admission to practice in Indiana.  We welcome applications from women, members of minority groups, and others who will enrich and diversify our faculty.  Contact:  Interested candidates should submit a letter of application and current curriculum vitae to John Copeland Nagle, Vice Chair, Appointments Committee, Notre Dame Law School, P.O. box 780, Notre Dame, IN  46556.


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