More resources from PSLawNet

August 31, 2011

1. The 2011-12 Federal Legal Employment Opportunities Guide is available for free download on  Important Note: the Federal Guide is a distilled version of the much more robust content offerings on PSLawNet’s Federal Government Resources page.  The Federal Guide is very useful as a handout and general reference, but you should go to the web page for even more info.

 2. The new, bursting-at-the-seams 2011-12 PSLawNet Comprehensive Fellowships Guide is available in the law school’s Office for Career & Professional Development. The Guide includes 325 fellowship listings, as well as a master deadline calendar and application tips.

 3. A reminder about recently updated resources which are freely available at PSLawNet:org:

 A. Finding and Funding International Public Service Opportunities

 B. Public Defender Handbook

 C. PSLawNet’s Public Interest Career Fairs page has been updated to reflect the latest about 2011-12 public interest career fairs around the country.


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