Externship – Catholic Univ., Innocence Proj. Clin.

January 26, 2010

CUA Innocence Project Clinic –summer 2010 Externship Opportunity.  There will be three or four externship positions available during summer 2010 in the CUA Innocence Project Clinic.  Although unpaid, these positions are eligible for funding under the SPIL Stipend, Charles and Louise O’Brien Fellowships, and Equal Justice Works Summer Fellowships programs.  Summer externs do much of the same case work as students during the regular academic school year including the full range of investigation of claims of actual innocence.  Last summer, one of the summer interns traveled to a prison to interview an inmate and others spoke by phone with inmates and interviewed witnesses in person.  All current CUA Law Students are eligible.  A strong interest in the work of the Clinic, well-developed written and oral communication skills, and a demonstrated ability for creative and independent thinking are valued skills and traits.

To apply, please send a short cover letter to Professor Sandy Ogilvy, Director, CUA Innocence Project Clinic, expressing your interest in an externship and describing how you could contribute to the work of the Clinic.  Also, please provide a copy of your resume and a short writing sample.  Offers will be extended before the application deadline for the summer stipend programs.

For more information about the Innocence Project Clinic at CUA visit http://www.law.edu/clinics/cle/InnocenceProj.cfm


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